Brazilian Baia Styled

The world’s first cup of tea was brewed in China, almost 5000 years ago, and the drink took a long time to become popular in the West. But it did, in the 18th Century, thanks in good measure to Twinings.

Twinings is still a pioneer in the beverage that enhances the moments that matter, producing timeless premium teas that everybody can enjoy. Tea has always been associated with health, and its power to revitalise, is known by all.

The best teas are clearly superior in flavour, aroma and especially colour, and this is where Twinings makes the difference. No-one knows tea better than Twinings, and their expertise in selection and blending is clear in every cup.

As Twinings say, ‘You, your family and friends deserve Twinings.’ And it’s as true now as it has been for the past 300 years.

Throughout history, Twinings has been at the forefront of sophisticated socialising – with a celebrity following – the eighteenth century novelist Jane Austen was quite a fan! Today’s style icons are no different in recognising the best.

In South Africa, it’s clear that this is no passing trend. Afternoon tea is the hot new invitation, and everybody – including celebrities from the world of fashion, arts, film and music – is doing it.

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