Balsamic Vinegar Martini

balsamic_martini50 ml Late Harvest wine
50 ml Mandarin Vodka
3 – 4 drops Staffords Five Year Old Balsamic Vinegar
Ice cubes or crushed ice

Keep the wine, vodka and glasses in the fridge.
Combine ingredients with the Staffords Five Year Old Balsamic Vinegar (3-4 drops) in a martini shaker, shake well and strain into two martini glasses.
Add a few extra drops of the Staffords Five Year Old Balsamic Vinegar for taste and colour.

Frozen Blueberry Banana Shake

blueberry-smoothie2 ripe medium bananas
250g fresh or frozen blueberries
1 nonfat vanilla yoghurt
125 ml skim milk
pinch of cinnamon
125 ml Staffords Vanilla Extract
150 ml crushed ice

Put the ice cubes into an ice crusher and crush. Set aside. Combine the first 6 ingredients with a hand blender and puree until smooth. Mix in the crushed ice. Serve immediately. Serves 6.

Mint Punch

mintpunch300 ml Staffords Mint Jelly
500 ml boiling water
500 ml iced water
500 ml fresh orange juice
500 ml pineapple juice (or a can of crushed pineapple)
40 ml fresh lemon juice
1 litre ginger ale

Combine Staffords Mint Jelly and boiling water and stir until jelly has dissolved. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Chill to almost freezing before serving. Makes about 3,3 litres of punch.





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