Staffords have lead the way with fine-foods for the best part of a century.


Long ago, we made a firm decision to offer only the highest quality accompaniments that you know you can trust. Staffords have defined the art of making a good meal perfect. Whenever family and friends gather, Staffords delicious and tasty foods add value and warmth to the occasion.

Ask any consumer which brand they really trust, and the truthful answer will be one of the exclusive names represented only by Staffords.

Those who appreciate the finer things in life know that Staffords Condiments make great meals into a gourmet experiences. There is Staffords Sauce Tartar which turns “fish ‘n chips” into something really special. Staffords Redcurrant Jelly to bring out the very best in roast turkey and game. Apple Jelly for Sunday’s traditional pork roast, and Staffords Mint Sauce to enjoy with a succulent leg of lamb. And for the best British roast beef this side of the equator, there are no alternatives to Staffords Horseradish Sauce.

Naturally, many lovers of those hot roasts and steaks demand the best mustard, and once again Staffords is always on the table. Smooth Dijon Mustard and Old Style Dijon Mustard are both the best France has to offer.

Redesign of STAFFORDS packaging

“The redesign of our packaging integrates our proud heritage with modern design to emphasise the brand name as a symbol of quality and to offer consistency across all our products.” Stafford Bros & Draeger’s managing director: Chris Lewis-Enright

Staffords launched new instant desserts

The highest quality ingredients, incredible taste...

Flavours include: Vanilla flavoured Panna Cotta; Vanilla flavoured Creme brûlée; Milk Chocolate flavoured Mousse and Creme Caramel.

Staffords Chocolate Vermicelli featured in Your Family

Staffords Chocolate Vermicelli featured in Your Family Cupcake Heaven insert 3 and 4 - try these decadent recipes..

Try these decadent recipes..



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